Off Market Real Estate in DC? What You Must Know!

December 01, 2020

When it Comes to Real Estate, Believe Half of What You See, and None of What You Hear. Thanks to Ben Franklin for that Quote. Whenever I’m in a struggle, there’s always a founding father quote to get me through. Okay, not really. I had a fascinating conversation with a prospective client a few weeks […]

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So, It’s a Pandemic and You’re Not in a Rush?

October 04, 2020

It’s rare when I tell a client we have to part ways. I’ve only done it once in the last 10+ years. Well, until a couple months ago, when I did it twice in the same week. That puts my score at 3 terminations now. Wasting time is the one thing that really aggravates me […]

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Living in Fear is an Oxymoron and Other Panic Room Stories

May 27, 2020

“How’s the real estate market been since the entire world has been turned upside down? You must be like, totally out of business.” Nope. Not at all. In fact, I’ve very insensitively (but jokingly) made the statement to anyone who will listen, “I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to enjoy the quarantine.” […]

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Move Over Chubs, Kindergarten Schoolwork is So Much Fun!

April 04, 2020

Friday, we were working through Chubs’s list of Kindergarten assignments. There was a reading exercise. First she had to listen to a book. Then she had to read her own book called “Let’s Be Friends,” and fill out a chart about what she knew, learned and wanted to know. When she wrote on her chart […]

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