Top 3 Things To Do In Washington DC | Living in DC

February 24, 2021

Are you looking for a place that has it all? A place where you can dive in history? Soar through space? See your tax dollars at work? Or not at work for that matter? Well then buckle up and take a seat because this DC real estate mama is about to take you for a […]

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How to Flip a House | Washington DC Real Estate Investing

February 10, 2021

Are you a first-time home flipper hoping to make some money? In this video, we’re going to talk about four things you need to know if you plan on making any money when you flip a house. I’ll also give you a bonus formula for a quick back-of-the-envelope method of assessing property. Do You Want […]

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Are You In A Real Estate Housing Bubble?

January 27, 2021

Are you thinking of purchasing real estate but aren’t sure if you’re inside a real estate bubble? In this video, we’re going to talk about four ways to identify if you might be purchasing real estate inside of a real estate bubble. By examining the housing bubble of 2007, we’ll learn how you can best […]

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I Cannot Believe How Many Awful Real Estate Agents Are Out there

January 24, 2021

It’s been a doozie of a week. Here’s the nonsense I have had to deal with and the nonsense consumers have to deal with but may not even know it’s happening. If you’re an agent reading this and your pissed off at what I’m saying, you’re probably part of the problem. Hopefully you don’t recognize […]

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First Time Home Buyer Most Frequently Asked Questions | Q&A with Lender

December 30, 2020

Most people quality for zero down payment purchase financing in Washington DC.  And it’s easy!  New income cap for 2020: $151,200(based on applicant qualifying income, not household income).  Maximum loan amount for 2021 is $822,375 for conventional loans, $548,250 for FHA.  With conventional financing, 100% financing is available to purchase prices up to $565k, or […]

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Teardown a House or Build on Vacant Land? Washington DC

December 16, 2020

Are you thinking of building your dream home but don’t know if you should start on a vacant lot? What do you need to know? What is involved with financing a teardown and rebuild? In this video, I’m going to explain the pros and cons of starting on vacant land versus tearing down a house […]

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Off Market Real Estate in DC? What You Must Know!

December 01, 2020

When it Comes to Real Estate, Believe Half of What You See, and None of What You Hear. Thanks to Ben Franklin for that Quote. Whenever I’m in a struggle, there’s always a founding father quote to get me through. Okay, not really. I had a fascinating conversation with a prospective client a few weeks […]

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