There’s a message forum in DC for parents that is a hilarious source of entertainment. Sometimes there is some decent information on there, but it’s mostly a bunch of crazy people who spout all sorts of things that indicate just how misinformed they really are…at...

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Christmas at Disney

It was somewhat of a last minute decision but the incessant sub-freezing temps inspired me to try to plan a last minute trip to Florida for Christmas. Cool Dad was not on board with this idea, but when he realized I was serious as we shivered one night because the...

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Destruction and Inappropriateness With Toddlers

I was heading out the other morning and noticed this as I exited the front door of the condo: I made a mental note to let the building manager know our Exit Sign was falling off the ceiling, and then had a thought. I walked backward, in the same steps I made leaving...

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21st Century Cartoons Suck

Well, my life is over.Caillou that little fucker has a Holiday Movie. And the Pirate has started handing us the remote and saying “Caillou!” This isn’t good. If you don’t know, Caillou is the most annoying piece of shit excuse for a cartoon that you’ve ever seen. I...

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I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®, Snarky Commentator, Mama to two maniacs, Rescuer of Corgis and wife of a really laid back man.

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

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