Building a House 102: The Nitty Gritty

October 01, 2013

Also published on the Huffington Post Welcome back to my Land Development Training. I’m gleefully happy to report that the land agent from last week who changed the property details based on my questions has also dropped the price on those lots by 33 percent. Now, if you were the seller of that property and […]

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Building a House 101: Understand the Players

September 24, 2013

Also published on the Huffington Post “I want to build a house.” Famous last words. But I hear it in D.C. because the supply of existing homes is so weak. Someone may pass a patch of vacant land on their way to work every day and wonder, “Could I build a house there?” Or they […]

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DC Real Estate Market Update: Heating Up With Summer?

May 01, 2013

Also published on the Huffington Post The calls are starting to sound the same. It’s becoming impossible to differentiate one buyer from the next when the phone rings. You can hear the optimism and excitement when they begin.“I am in front of a house at ___ address, can you tell me about it?” Sure, I […]

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Summer 2012: State of the DC Real Estate Market

August 21, 2012

Also published on the Huffington Post The market is hot again in D.C. and surrounding areas. But is this a good thing? As a real estate agent, I can never de-slime the sentence, “This will sell fast.” It feels very 2004 — when a majority of the professionals in real estate, and I use the […]

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