5 Signs a Condo Association May Be in Trouble

April 22, 2016

Also published on the Huffington  Post Condominiums. Not always everyone’s first pick for housing, however the combination of affordability and location usually make them an ideal choice for city dwellers, especially here in DC. Many people don’t realize how communal condo living can be, particularly when it comes to finances. They think you just magically […]

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What’s It Worth…To You

April 12, 2016

Also published on the Huffington Post It seems like most real estate markets in the country are on fire right now, with homes flying off the market in days, sometimes hours. Sometimes they never even hit the market. It seems, according to agents around the country, that there is quite a demand in many cities. […]

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Finding Good Investments

April 01, 2016

Also published on the Huffington Post. ~~~~~ The real estate market in DC is fascinating on many levels. The market has yet to slow down, continuing to go up up and up long past the time the rest of us in the industry thought it would. But it’s the old story, rates are still historically […]

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Buyer Beware

February 25, 2016

Also published on the Huffington Post The Spring Market starts at several different times. For some sellers chomping at the bit to list their home, that day is January 2. Holidays are over, it’s time to sell. For some buyers and sellers, it’s really after the Super Bowl. No more things occupying your Sundays? Why […]

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Fed Meeting This Week

December 14, 2015

Also published on the Huffington Post It’s been the busiest December I’ve experienced. Typically, after Thanksgiving, the entire real estate industry packs it in for the season. Sellers are holding out to list until spring. Some buyers stick their toe back in the water after New Year’s, some holdout until Superbowl is over, and some […]

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Real Estate Industry Shakeup

June 22, 2015

Also published on the Huffington Post Buying or selling a house? Get a real estate agent! At least, that’s what 88% of buyers and sellers did in 2014, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR.) As technology has evolved to improve the customer experience, chatter has followed that the real estate agent is going […]

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