The Pirate Does NYC

October 17, 2013

We took the Little Pirate to NYC for the weekend. It was a mix of unexpected snobbery with sides of nastiness and a few scraps of genuinely good behavior. I almost don’t know what to think anymore of the place I’ve considered “home” for my entire life. The bouts of nastiness from complete strangers hit […]

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Pass Me a Tissue, Please

October 12, 2013

Watching the Pirate puke all over Cool Dad the other day really brought back some memories of my own childhood. There was nothing like growing up in the 70’s. I am the youngest of my parent’s three children and the only girl. Having older brothers meant I endured excessive amounts of torture. They would deny […]

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Little Pirate Lessons

October 09, 2013

This morning I woke up and I feel like I suddenly have a new kid. She knows all these things and I have no idea how this happened. Sort of reminds me of when I was training the dogs, I’d say “sit” 10,000 times and they would look at me and tilt their head. Then […]

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Parental Law Breaker

October 03, 2013

We went to the doctor today. It was the Little Pirate’s 15 month checkup. In addition to learning that my 5’5 body has somehow birthed a giant whose height is off the chart at a whopping 33.5 inches, we also got the car seat talk…which I tuned out. If people weren’t so distracted in their […]

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Neighborhood Shenanigans

October 01, 2013

World, take note. Kids don’t play outside anymore. I know, right? This was news to me as well. I grew up on a cul-de-sac in leafy suburban Connecticut, and we all played on the cul-de-sac. We called it “the circle.” The circle was the site of a lot of games – real and made up. […]

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You Have to Idiot Proof Before You Baby Proof

September 27, 2013

My life pretty much ended when the Pharmacies started putting those ridiculous Fort Knox inspired lids on prescription bottles. Just because some stupid baby somewhere tried to commit an early suicide, the rest of us have to suffer. I have always hated baby-proofed houses because that means they’re also pretty much adult-proofed as well.  I […]

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