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Meet Chad ~ Manager of Casolare

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Casolare opened in Glover Park in July, 2016 and Chef Michael Schlow’s food instantly became a neighborhood hit. In addition to serving Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Casolare handles room service for the adjoining Glover Park Hotel. We sat down with General Manager Chad Cortner for a chat about Casolare. 

Q: What’s the most popular entree?
Chicken Parmesan

Q: Most popular drink?
The Big Night – a vodka based drink with blood orange puree, honey syrup, lavender bitters and champagne.

Q: Any famous guests?
Damon from Shark Tank stayed at the hotel and came into the restaurant to eat.

Q: Main clientele?
Mostly from the neighborhood. There’s some hotel clientele but we’re working hard at being embedded in the neighborhood.

Q: What do you want the neighbors to know that they may not know about the restaurant?
We are active in the community. We donate quite a bit to the schools and churches in the city. We are always willing to get involved when our neighbors need help!

Casolare is open 7 days, from 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on weekends. They have a bottomless brunch on the weekends where you can select Mimosas, Sangria, Bloody Mary, Coconab Spritz or an Aperol Spritz.

Meet Sharon & Richard Armstrong


The November Faces of Glover Park are Sharon and Richard Armstrong. They have been married 38 years and been in Glover Park since 1995. Richard is trying out his second retirement as a copywriter and has been helping Sharon with the update to her book, “The Essential HR Handbook.” Sharon worked as in-house HR for 20 years before starting her own company – filing a niche matching clients to very specific consultants.

Q: Tell us what you do!
Sharon: My clients are companies who will call when they have a need for one of five types of consultant- HR, Organizational Development, Trainers, Coaches or Keynote Speakers. I have a database of about 600 consultants and I will send the company 3 names for them to choose.

Q: What is the most common request you receive?
Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Leadership, Presentation Skills or Communication Skills. Companies mainly call for consultants to help their employees communicate better or teach the employees how to lead if they are new to management.

Q: What are some of the most interesting requests you receive?
Accent modification, Digital Addiction, is suddenly a big one, and there was also a “Build a Bike” team building request. The bike then gets donated!

Q: What do you love most about your job?
I love everyday because it is never the same and the calls are so interesting.

Meet Adam and Bryce, owners of Arcuri


Have you ever eaten at our neighborhood bar & pizzeria, Arcuri’s at 2400 Wisconsin Ave? We chatted with the owners, Adam Hiltebeitel and Bryce Gerlach to find out more about these native Washingtonians and their awesome restaurant that’s on its fifth year in Glover Park!

Q: How long have you been partners?
Adam: We met in the restaurant industry. We were both Bar Managers at other restaurants prior to opening Arcuri’s.

Q: Who named the restaurant?
Bryce: It’s actually named after my mom. It was her maiden name.

Q: Who is the most famous person to dine at Arcuri’s?
Adam & Bryce: Joe Biden!!!

Q: Tell us something you want the neighbors to know.
Adam: We have great employees. During some of the really huge snowstorms, the people who lived close and could get to the restaurant opened up and kept everyone fed who ventured out.

Q: What are you most proud of?
Bryce: The food we have executed and the limoncello. We make the limoncello right here on site.

Meet Debra, the Safety Technician


If you venture near the intersection of 39th Street and Calvert in the morning or mid- afternoon, you have definitely seen Debra, the Safety Technician. She facilitates traffic through this busy intersection while Stoddert is in session. Get to know this month’s Face of Glover Park!

Q: How long have you been a Safety Technician? 
A: I’ve been doing this for three years.

Q: What times are you here? 
A: From 7-9 in the morning and 2-4 in the afternoon.

Q: You obviously love this job, how do you stay so happy and motivated? 
A: I love the kids. They all have their own personality. I make my own joy.

Q: When you leave here, what do you do? 
A: I wear many hats. I’m a Group Home Coordinator. I  oversee 7 homes

with about 6 adult residents in each. That’s my passion. I’m also Union President of 709 for AFSCME and I’m ANC rep for 7-B.

Q: Ward 7? You live east of the river, so you drive here twice a day? 
A: Well, I love it. But, I have lived in Hillcrest for 16 years.



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Melissa Terzis thought she wanted to be a Retail Buyer until she walked onto a construction site in 2001, and her career goals were permanently derailed. Fascinated by all things related to houses and real estate, she completed her MBA while working for a land developer in Maryland. Once she learned how a piece of raw land was entitled, developed, and became the site of someone’s home, she knew no career other than real estate would make her happy to go to work every day. She went on to work for two national builders before ultimately obtaining her real estate license.

Melissa loves all things real estate. But she hates that agents got such a bad name by making promises to clients that would never come to fruition, causing the entire industry to buckle. She is not the agent who will tell you things just to “get the deal done.” Melissa is honest and works hard for her clients. If she didn’t work with the utmost integrity, she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. And if you asked any family member who has lived with her, she can sleep through anything.

Melissa grew up just outside New York City in Connecticut, and enjoys the energy and pace of Washington, DC as it reminds her of home. She lived in Dupont Circle for 10 years, but recently moved to Glover Park with her husband, kids and dog.

Also, because the Real Estate Market in DC is anything but predictable, Melissa writes about the current state of affairs and trends she notices for the Huffington Post About DC Real Estate Section.

When she’s not with her family she can be found on one of America’s highways, driving somewhere random to rescue a corgi.

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Robert Walker Sabanosh has always believed that protecting people’s best interests is about doing the right thing and providing the guidance that will help them make wise decisions. Nowhere is this trademark integrity more apparent that in his career as one of the area’s most sought after real estate agents. For Robert, this doesn’t just mean taking care of the obvious. It means working with his clients through every step of the process to make sure they are kept informed of all pertinent information regarding their home sale or purchase.

By blending his love of the area and golden rule approach to business, Robert is doing the right things for his clients as a leading real estate professional. He knows that the first step to creating a win-win situation for his clients is building solid rapport. For Rob that means more than just taking a genuine interest in what they’re looking to accomplish. It also means keeping them informed with consistent updates, thoroughly explaining the best options and working side by side with them throughout the process to eliminate the guesswork. 

Whether clients are looking for the perfect match for their lifestyle and budget or want to sell their home for maximum value, Robert prides himself on making the process less stressful by providing sage guidance. He blends local expertise with savvy business skills to create a comprehensive plan that enables his clients to make a sound investment decision. Combine that with his open, no pressure approach and it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to Robert for their next move.

When it comes to something as important as your home, you owe it to yourself to work with a professional who puts a high priority on protecting your best interests. Experience Robert Walker Sabanosh’s unparalleled dependability for yourself and call him today for a free consultation.

You’ll be glad you did.