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MD vs VA | Maryland vs Virginia Taxes EXPLAINED!

Maryland vs Virginia Taxes For the most boring topic in the world – taxes, let’s try to make this fun. Let’s do a case study. Mercina and Leia each got jobs in the DC Metro area and they are trying to decide whether to move to Maryland or...

North Arlington vs South Arlington [The INTENSE Rivalry]

North Arlington vs South Arlington Arlington Virginia is one of the most popular places to live in the DC Metro Area. Arlington is split into two parts – North and South.  If you find Route 50 (Arlington Blvd) on a map, everything south or...

Churches & Log Cabins Are Houses Too!

Churches & Log Cabins Are Houses Too!

Despite some annoying, face-hurting allergies, I managed to get out to take clients into houses over the weekend. Houses, many many interesting houses. The Sanctuary, a gorgeous church conversion in Northeast, a couple blocks south of the H Street Corridor is first....

Real Estate’s Spring Thaw

My spring update on Huffington Post.~~~~~In Washington DC, there really is no such thing as a spring thaw. The entire winter was pretty mild which I am happy about, but then we got a cold blast the last couple weeks. Weather can wreak some havoc on a real estate...

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We donate $500 from every closing to support charities dedicated to giving homes, care, and comfort to Corgis in need.

Buy or sell your house with DC Real Estate Mama and help save these furry friends from around the country.

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