First Time Home Buyer Most Frequently Asked Questions | Q&A with Lender

December 30, 2020

First Time Home Buyer Most people quality for zero down payment purchase financing in Washington DC.  And it’s easy!  New income cap for 2020: $151,200(based on applicant qualifying income, not household income).  Maximum loan amount for 2021 is $822,375 for conventional loans, $548,250 for FHA.  With conventional financing, 100% financing is available to purchase prices […]

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Teardown a House or Build on Vacant Land? Washington DC

December 16, 2020

Tearing Down A House Are you thinking of building your dream home but don’t know if you should start on a vacant lot? What do you need to know? What is involved with financing a teardown and rebuild? In this video, I’m going to explain the pros and cons of starting on vacant land versus […]

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Off Market Real Estate in DC? What You Must Know!

December 01, 2020

Off Market Real Estate DC When it Comes to Real Estate, Believe Half of What You See, and None of What You Hear. Thanks to Ben Franklin for that Quote. Whenever I’m in a struggle, there’s always a founding father quote to get me through. Okay, not really. I had a fascinating conversation with a […]

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No Answers, Just Questions

October 11, 2020

DC Real Estate “Hey Melissa, you’re going to think this is crazy, but I had an idea…” Ooh ooh! Let me guess! You want to buy a house out in the middle of nowhere… because now that you’re working from home, and you can homeschool your kids, you can pretty much go anywhere, right? The […]

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So, It’s a Pandemic and You’re Not in a Rush?

October 04, 2020

Pandemic It’s rare when I tell a client we have to part ways. I’ve only done it once in the last 10+ years. Well, until a couple months ago, when I did it twice in the same week. That puts my score at 3 terminations now. Wasting time is the one thing that really aggravates […]

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The History Of Washington DC ~ MLK to Present Day

September 17, 2020

History of Washington DC We’re back with our last installment of DC history with the DC Real Estate Mama. In this final part of our series, we’re going to explore the period from the late 1960’s to our modern-day—which includes riots, crime, corruption, and recovery through the decades. If you’ve never heard of Marion Barry, […]

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