Best Selection of Toys in DC

Don’t you miss the good old days of toys? You know, the ones that didn’t break right out of the box or involve slimy gooey remnants all over your house? I do! I do! I’m one step away from shaking my fist in the yard and yelling for people to get off my lawn. That’s why this Real Estate Family loves Sullivan’s Toys and Art Supplies in Tenleytown at 4200 Wisconsin Avenue.

I think we’ve all woken up the morning of a birthday party which our child is attending realizing we need to grab a last minute gift. Sullivan’s opens an hour earlier than usual on Saturday now just to accommodate slackers like us! Wandering around this place you will be filled with nostalgia and fond memories of your childhood with hula hoops, Rubik’s cubes, jax, all the classics. You won’t find any electronics in here.

Sullivan’s Toys is Washington, DC’s oldest toy shop still in operation – family owned and operated since 1954. They pride themselves on their customer service and community based atmosphere. Just because some of the employees don’t share the last name Sullivan doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the family. Most are from the area and they are incredibly helpful with anything from directions and suggestions, to finding the perfect toy or supplies for a project.

Not only do they have a wide variety of toys and games for all ages, but they also have an art supply section that is filled with everything from professional grade materials to art supplies for children. There are walls filled with paint in every color you could possibly dream of! It’s the go-to art supply spot for AU (American University) students who need supplies for class or a parent who wants to get creative with their kids.

Sullivan’s Toys is a must-see spot that my kids and I love. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget that you can leave the wrapping paper at home. They do it all for you at no extra charge!