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Hi! I’m Melissa

I am Melissa Terzis. I have been in Real Estate since 2001, when I started Grad School for my MBA.

I witnessed the post September 11th housing boom from a front row seat. Times were great. I worked for a suburban Washington DC Land Developer who called me the pit bull to others in the office. When the task called for tenacity, I was first in line.

I was also still sitting in the front row in 2007 when the high flying times of the housing market crashed into the station. It was a painful transition going from working for a national homebuilder to a wholly unfulfilling stint in Property Management before I obtained my license to sell Real Estate. I officially joined the ranks of the self-employed. It was scary, but it proved to be an incredible career shift when I married the love of my life and we had two little babies. We packed those two little babies and our corgi mix dogs into my Dupont Circle, single-girl condominium. We lived quite happily until we realized the absurdity of this life choice. So, we bought and renovated a house in Glover Park. The renovations are endless, by the way. You definitely do not want a fixer-upper.

I always say that you need two things to sell real estate: You have to love it and you have to have common sense. That’s all. Doing something I absolutely love is fantastic but having two little girls who see mom work and see mom work very hard is also important to me. I want my girls to understand that they don’t have to rely on anyone else if they can make their own way in the world. It’s all about teaching them some Girl Power – which is why sometimes one or both of my little ones will be at a home inspection with me. (I once brought my week old newborn to an inspection. Gotta start ’em young.)

Starting them early! | Melissa Terzis real estate
Another thing I am teaching my girls that I find incredibly important is a compassion for animals. My corgi mixes, Sammy and Thora are now gone, but we have more corgis at our house and I find rescue so rewarding that I started a little 501c3, East Coast Corgi Rescue.

Most days are all-real-estate with some kid time. A few days are kid-focused with a bit of real estate but those days are few and far between with this hectic market we’ve had for the past few years. Regardless, I’m rarely p.c., I find the humor in almost everything, I’m in love with both Axl Rose and the Dos Equis guy, I immerse my girls in my work when possible, and I did complete my MBA but I refuse to use it after my name on my business card because it ISN’T A DESIGNATION – plus it’s obnoxious. Though I do have my Broker’s license and various Real Estate Type designations. The struggle is real, my friends. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Melissa and her girls | Melissa Terzis real estate