Born in suburban Connecticut, Melissa grew up just outside of New York City where her parents still live in her childhood home. While her father was a successful attorney, he would often help people who couldn’t afford his services. His passion for helping the underdog was unmatched, and this value paired with his deep interest in the world of finance left an indelible mark on Melissa as she grew into adulthood.

In 2001, Melissa enrolled in Grad School to earn her MBA while working for a Maryland Land Developer. After graduating, she worked for two different national homebuilders over the next five years. A puzzle addict at heart, land development was a perfect fit for her since each day posed a brand new set of challenges.


Melissa Terzis

When the housing market crashed, Melissa got her real estate license. The housing bubble solidified her conservative financial view of the real estate industry – a practice she now uses to guide her clients in their own investments.

Melissa is married with two little girls who you can often see on her YouTube Channel, Living in DC. She also founded East Coast Corgi Rescue, which has rescued and rehomed over 200 corgis since it was started in 2017.

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