Saying Goodbye to Some of Our Family Pets and Other Animal Stories

August 26, 2019

Well, even though they live at the beach, it seems that when hermit crabs are out in the sun, in the new glass aquarium you bought for them, they can roast and die pretty quickly. If you haven’t fallen into a coma reading about our summer of crab mishaps, there’s more. Unfortunately, Princess Roundhead’s crab […]

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Meet Our New Family Pets – Part Deux

August 16, 2019

Okay, just like the hermit crab races that occur at our house now, let’s get this story to the finish line. After we came home with the three hermit crabs, Woody, Violet2 and Sandy, we resumed vacation-life. If we wanted to go to the rides and games though, we had to walk down the boardwalk. […]

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Someone Jizzed on Santa

May 31, 2019

Now that we no longer have Summer Nanny, we have to parent our own children. It’s not so bad because we “text-in-sick” way less than Summer Nanny. I tried to text-in-sick once, but Real Estate Dad didn’t buy it when I said that the mockingbirds in Glover Park formed a gang (MB-13) and chased me […]

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Incest is a Dish Best Served on Holidays

May 20, 2019

I have this awesome client who was referred to me from another awesome client. The first time we looked at homes, his parents came along. This can sometimes be a sticky situation for agents in a high priced markets like DC because the prices here compared to the rest of the country are insane. The […]

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The Tooth Fairy

April 19, 2019

We have a unique relationship with the tooth fairy in our house. The first time she came to our house, she took the tooth and left $5. The second time she came to our house, as expected, she took the tooth and again left $5. But unfortunately for M, who really behaved poorly the day […]

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DCPS Lottery ~ All Cleared Up For You!

February 06, 2019

Whenever there’s a question about DC Public Schools and their “clear as mud” lottery system, several people in my brokerage like to point to me. I mean, they point to me for a lot of stuff like “Who stole my space heater?” (sorry Lisa) “Who has the white out?” (I have a paper planner and […]

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