Things That Happen When I Stay Up Late To Read a Book

November 26, 2018

A small bug crawling up the wall. What is that? A tick? Closer inspection confirms that it is probably not a tick. But, I’m still not convinced. It has some weird long thing that comes out of it’s head. It’s tiny though. Squash. Flush. Move on. Oh. There’s his friend. Must be looking for him. […]

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The Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year

November 25, 2018

But we’re just hanging at home, learning new tricks with old dog Alexa.   It should be of no surprise to me that my daughters, who have farting contests, who can fart on command, would figure this out about Alexa.

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Follow the Leader

November 07, 2018

Halloween in Glover Park is pretty amazing. (Shut up, I know it’s November 6th.) This year we were at the head of the neighborhood parade again. This isn’t a coveted position. It just means you got to the lineup late and last, so when the entire gang of people turn around to head out, you’re […]

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Class Mom on Crack

October 28, 2018

The real estate market has come to a skidding halt. There. I said it. Summers and Holidays are always slow times, but come September and January, all the agents out there prep themselves for the return of the market. We never quite know what it will bring. Will it pick up where it left off […]

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A Photo Menagerie of one of the Worst Weeks This Year

October 16, 2018

The last two weeks have been mostly exhausting for a variety of reasons. Murders in DC seem to be hitting closer to home, and suddenly not feeling safe in the city is weighing on my mind. The corgi rescue has been pretty demanding as well. We’ve had to start saying no to some surrenders. I […]

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Where the Realtor Becomes the Client

September 26, 2018

I’m over this rain. It’s making everyone act like idiots. Today my work-wife and I were almost impaled by an umbrella some doofus was swinging around like Fred Astaire This Real Estate Family was at the beach this past weekend because we had to finish off one of my crazy ideas from earlier in the […]

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Four is the New 17

September 18, 2018

School continues to provide a never-ending source of frustration and entertainment. M’s bestie told her mama that a girl in their class said that she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton because certain types of people give her money. (This is why my parents spoke Greek at home, so we wouldn’t go running our mouth about what […]

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DCPS Will Land Me in an Early Grave

September 10, 2018

Things I don’t have time for: another school committee. Things this idiot just volunteered for: another school committee. When I heard the history of said committee, I felt like I couldn’t not help. I shared my interpretation of how DC Public Schools work (or rather, don’t work) with a parent of older children.  They congratulated […]

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School, Corgis & Realtoring ~ Hitting Snags

September 06, 2018

I’ll start with the good. M: Mommy, when we say the Pledge of Allegiance at school, the Principal makes everyone wearing a hood take off their hood. Why? DCREM: Because it’s a sign of respect, and the Principal is right, people should take off their hats. M: Then we sing the National Anthem. I’m not […]

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