DC Housing Market Forecast 2022 | DC Real Estate Mama

January 20, 2022

DC Housing Market Forecast 2022 The Washington DC Housing Market is often described as recession-proof. It is true that the economy is consistently strong in the nation’s capital. Home prices have not declined significantly since the mid 1990’s. There are many factors at play that bolster home values and keep prices steadily on the rise […]

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What Is The Cost of Living in Washington DC?

January 05, 2022

Washington DC is expensive. Living here is no joke when it comes to money. Prices in DC far exceed the national average, with Washington DC ranking 13th most expensive of the 118 U.S. cities ranked on Numbeo’s cost of living index. But DC is also very diverse in terms of neighborhoods and housing costs vary […]

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The 10 Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC

December 10, 2021

10 Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC – Part 1 What are the best neighborhoods to live in, in DC? The answer isn’t straightforward. Washington DC and close-in suburbs like Bethesda and Arlington have a variety of residents at different stages of life. Those with young children attending schools seeking a different lifestyle than a recent […]

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Shenandoah National Park – Weekend Trip from DC

December 02, 2021

Shenandoah National Park This year, I snagged a weekend in early November to stay at Skyland Lodge in Shenandoah National Park. The weather stayed warm so far into fall that our timing was pretty good after all. This is a good weekend getaway from DC – it took about 2 & ½ hours to get […]

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North Bethesda Maryland | Bras At The Lodge?!??

November 17, 2021

North Bethesda Maryland Located outside the beltway, North Bethesda Maryland is a Census Designated Place, with boundaries of the beltway on the south, the city limits of Rockville to the north, Rock Creek Park to the east, and I-270 to the west. History The entire area used to be a tobacco farm in the early […]

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Great Country Farms ~ Great for Families Looking for DC Day Trips

November 03, 2021

The Great Country Farms We went to the Fall Pumpkin Harvest Festival at Great Country Farms in Bluemont, Virginia! Fun fact: Henway Hard Cider Co is next door, which produces cider from the Great Country Farm Apples and it’s named for the joke, “What’s a henway?” About 5 lbs! I thought we would be here […]

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Asheville, NC – Is it a Great Vacation For Kids?

Asheville, NC – Is it a Great Vacation For Kids?

October 28, 2021

Asheville, NC – Getaway It was time for a surprise family vacation! Real Estate Dad lived in Western North Carolina in a prior life. He said he didn’t enjoy it at the time, but that he thinks he would have enjoyed it with me. I always heard great things about Asheville so I booked a […]

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Bethesda Maryland – 7 Things to Know About Living Here

October 20, 2021

Located just northwest of Washington, DC, inside the beltway, Bethesda Maryland is an unincorporated, census-designated place in Southern Montgomery County, Maryland. CDP’s have no official boundaries. History of Bethesda Bethesda is named after a local church, Bethesda Meeting House. It was just farms and a little village until the 1890’s when the streetcar line made […]

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Chevy Chase, Maryland – What to Know About Living Here

October 13, 2021

Is the town of Chevy Chase named after the actor/comedian of the same name? Is Chevy Chase the actor named after the town? Today we’re talking about Chevy Chase MD and you’re going to find out the answers to this and more! Location Chevy Chase MD sits on the northwest border of Washington, DC. It’s […]

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Chevy Chase DC – 7 Things to Know About Living Here

October 06, 2021

What’s the difference between Chevy Chase DC and Chevy Chase in Maryland? What does that have to do with Chevy Chase the actor? I’m going to tell you! Location Chevy Chase is just inside the DC line and west of Rock Creek Park. We’re also talking about Barnaby Woods today too, since it’s a small […]

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