Several of the “corgi ladies” and I managed to rescue a corgi in the Florida panhandle. His name is Max. We are hoping the little guy is all up to date on his shots and then he can be transported to the Jerz hopefully to his new home.

Chubs has been off for 4 days because she’s been sick. Poor little thing has been so sick but she finally went back to school today. She’s been mentioning that there’s this boy Max who is her hand-holding partner on the walk to the playground. Well today Real Estate Dad picked her up and asked how her first day back was. She said it was “noisy.” Chubs is not one for anything loud. Real Estate Dad asked why it was noisy and she said because everyone was yelling and screaming her name when she walked in to school.

“Except Max. He was the only one who wasn’t noisy. I like Max. He’s 4.”

Of course she likes them older. Just like her mama. And of course she likes the one boy who doesn’t seem to notice her. Also like her mama.