Arlington VA Public Schools [THE TRUTH!]

September 14, 2022

Arlington VA Public Schools Arlington County Schools have generally been held in pretty high regard. But then we had Covid, it seemed that the loyalty and support many school districts once had fell by the wayside as parent’s were affected by their specific school’s response to Covid. So how did Arlington County do? And now […]

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Montgomery County MD Schools [FACTS!]

August 31, 2022

Montgomery County MD Schools Montgomery County, Maryland Schools historically were considered among the best in the country. The schools fell out of favor when they adopted Common Core in 2010. They switched to a new curriculum right before Covid. How are they doing and how do families feel about sending their kids to Montgomery County […]

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Alexandria City VA Public Schools

August 24, 2022

Alexandria City VA Public Schools Alexandria City Schools have had some difficult years. People generally do not move to Alexandria City, for the schools. With Covid, the struggles amplified. The system is in flux as the most recent Superintendent resigned this summer. How will the Interim Superintendent perform and will it be enough to right […]

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DC Public Schools

August 17, 2022

DC Public Schools Public school in DC has come a long way. Many will argue that this is a tale of two cities, though, with “west of the park” and “east of the park” being a dividing line. But that has changed as well as a lot of other things about public school in DC, […]

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Raising Kids in Washington DC – 10 Reasons You’ll Love it!

August 10, 2022

Raising Kids in Washington DC | The non-sarcastic version Ok so some people who don’t know me well or who can’t read my charming sense of humor, did not understand that when I made a list of reasons you’ll love raising kids in DC and included, “Kids become excellent rat hunters” that I was joking. Sort […]

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