Maryland Most Walkable Neighborhoods 2023

February 09, 2023

Maryland Most Walkable Neighborhoods MD is more residential. If you have seen my other videos, I explain how Maryland exerts more control over growth and real estate development. Maryland is more likely to have central retail areas in their cities and towns. As you go further north in Maryland you will even find places where […]

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Northern Virginia’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

February 02, 2023

VA Most Walkable Neighborhoods Do you like ditching the car and walking or biking everywhere? Today we’re going to discuss the most walkable neighborhoods in Northern Virginia, which is sort of funny because when I think of Virginia, I think of vehicles and traffic. The Walk Score is a measure of how many errands don’t […]

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Where Should I live in DC? | Finding Most Walkable DC Neighborhoods

January 19, 2023

Most Walkable DC Neighborhoods Do you like to ditch the car and do everything on foot? Today we’re going to talk about metro DC’s most walkable neighborhoods! There is a website called “Walk Score” which measures the walkability of a given neighborhood on a scale of 1-99. Obviously the term walkability means different things to […]

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