Living in Pimmit Hills VA

October 20, 2023

Living in Pimmit Hills VA Pimmit Hills is a neighborhood in Falls Church, Virginia. It is a CDP (Census Designated Place) inside the beltway that for many decades had seen better days. Development began in the 1950’s but they weren’t the mid-century homes you would expect from that iconic decade. This was a neighborhood of […]

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Living in Falls Church City VA

October 13, 2023

Falls Church City VA The City of Falls Church or Falls Church City which people also call it, is located within the boundary of Falls Church. But, surprise, it’s not part of Falls Church. The City of Falls Church has its own government, its own school system and contracts with surrounding Fairfax County for some […]

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Living in Falls Church VA

October 06, 2023

Living in Falls Church Falls Church, Virginia is 5 miles west of DC and has several neighborhoods with different personalities. Today, we are talking about the “rest” of Falls Church. In a separate video we will cover Falls Church City, which is adjacent to but separate from the rest of Falls Church. This is because […]

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Private School in DC: What You Really Need to Know

September 29, 2023

Private School in DC Well, you decided that public school in DC, Maryland or Virginia isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I’m shocked. You are wondering if you should look into private schools but have no idea where to start? Fall is the season when everyone does their research and applications are due early in January. […]

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