Best Hairstylist in DC

Best Hairstylist in DC

It’s summer here in D.C, and if you’re anything like me, you’re in a daily battle to tame the frizz monster that is your hair.  Today I’m going to share my secret weapon with you—and he goes by the name of Michael Nunez Mattovich.  On this episode, I’m visiting M Studio here in Bethesda for an amazing hair treatment that will get my mane under control.  Join me and learn about all of the amazing things that Michael is doing here to make the community feel polished and ready to face every day with confidence.

Originally from Peru, Michael has been honing his craft here in the U.S for the past 20 years.  Unlike other run-of-the-mill salons that churn clients in and out quickly, M Studio is a place where Michael and his team will take the time to assess your hair needs and goals and make magic happen.  His ongoing training always keeps him apprised of the latest techniques; he recently had an opportunity to work with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton (whose clients include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry among others).

One of Michael’s specialties that are offered at M Studio is the GKHair Keratin Treatment—and it’s also my hair superpower for shiny, soft and frizz-free tresses.  In all the years that Michael has been styling hair, nothing else compares to the results of keratin treatments for natural smoothing.  The treatment repairs damage from the inside out, filling the hair cuticles with keratin and resulting in relaxed, smoothed strands that lasts for up to 4 months.  With years of success applying these keratin treatments to his clients, Michael now works as a trainer and travels to various cities to teach stylists the ins and outs of the process.

With nearly 60% of M Studio’s clients asking for keratin treatments, it’s clear to see that this quick and safe procedure produces such amazing results.  I’m all about anything that makes life easier, and not having to battle with styling products and techniques on a day to day basis is a huge bonus.  This type of transformation is great for your routine and also your ego: the end product looks beautifully effortless, reviving your hair back to a healthy shine.

These are the type of transformations that is Michael’s favorite part of the business.  Finishing a cut, color or blowout and watching his clients’ reaction to their transformation is something that always makes his day and is what keeps him in the styling business year after year.  If you want a personalized experience from stylists with training in the latest trends, M Studio is the place you’ve got to come visit!

So if you want to transform your hair this summer and get a style that’s easy, effortless and free from frizz, check out Michael’s website and book your appointment today.  I promise you won’t regret it!  Be sure to stay tuned for my next episode to see what awesome D.C location is featured next.

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