Best Veterinary Hospital in DC

Are you looking for a vet you can trust with caring for your four-legged furbaby?  If you know anything about me, you know I have a passion for my pets (specifically the short-legged, adorable Corgi variety), and I won’t take them just anywhere for their veterinary care.  On this first episode of my brand new series, Compassion and Corgis, I’m introducing you to my personal vet of 15 years: Dr. Morgan of Georgetown Veterinary Hospital. His family-run, community-oriented practice will make you and your furry friend feel right at home while getting the best care possible.

Georgetown Veterinary Hospital’s history stretches back to the 1950s, and since then, only a few doctors have called it home.  Dr. Morgan and his family bought the clinic back in 2001 and have been there ever since, inheriting many of the longtime clients that have been bring their pets in for years.  That sense of community and family is part of what makes Dr. Morgan’s practice so special—and is also why I wanted him to be the one to take care of my Corgis. You won’t have to worry about switching between new doctors constantly; rather, you and your pets can build a relationship with Dr. Morgan and his family, making those dreaded vet visits much less stressful.

Dr. Morgan endeavors to treat each pet as an individual, which puts him and his team in a mindset of providing personalized, tailored care for each patient that he sees.  His passion for animals runs deep: every year he attends the Iditarod dog sled races in Alaska, part of a team of veterinarians that check the dogs at each of the 26 stops along their 1,000 mile journey.  Watching dogs enjoy what they love doing most, whether pulling a sled through the snowy tundra or catching a frisbee, gives Dr. Morgan a great sense of enjoyment and motivates him to continue pursuing his work with animals.

Throughout his career, he’s faced some unusual and outstanding cases, but Lex the war dog stands above the rest.  This German Shepherd was trained to sniff out bombs, working with handler Corporal Dustin Lee in the Middle East. Tragedy struck, and both Dustin and Lex were hit with a rocket-propelled grenade; Dustin was killed, and Lex severely wounded.  Through a Congressional act, the Lee family was allowed to adopt Lex, but he was severely injured and could barely walk. Dr. Morgan received a call from a Congressman, inquiring about his stem cell therapies for animals and if he would be willing to treat a dog veteran.  Quickly agreeing, Dr. Morgan began caring for Lex and administering the therapy, taking him home after every workday to stay with him. By the end of the treatment, Lex was walking, running and playing, and the Lee family (as well as all involved) couldn’t contain their tears at the transformation.

As you can tell, Dr. Morgan runs his veterinary practice with his heart, and that’s why I love him!  Be sure to bring your pets in to Georgetown Veterinary Hospital at 2916 M Street in Georgetown, and stay tuned for the next episode of Compassion and Corgis to see where me and my furbabies are headed next.

Annie trying to escape!

Annie trying to escape!