Best Waxing Center in DC

Some of you may not need the services of a fantastic waxer. Consider yourself lucky. I, my friends, am descended from a long line of Greek ancestry and we’re used to spending a lot of time on hair removal.

As we all know, most service businesses are taking a huge hit from forced closures due to Coronavirus. I wanted to chat with a business I frequent – Maria of Best Waxing Center. After realizing I’m never going to have privacy in the bathroom until the girls go to college, I outsourced my lady-bits grooming. Fifteen years ago a friend recommended Maria and I haven’t had to rip a strip on my own since. Maria is the best and that’s why I’m a, cough, repeat customer. I went to chat with Maria in late March to find out how she’s dealing with the impact of Coronavirus on her business.

“Vaginas keep coming,” she said.

In normal times she books up quickly. It was welcome news to hear though that business had not slowed since COVID hit the states. Maria is a licensed and experienced expert of her craft. She has been in the business for over thirty years and has taken all the advanced classes out there. (I know! Advanced classes!?!) But it is all of these things together that makes you feel at ease during your visit.

A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to waxing. You can get burned, injured, cut, irritated, or infected (GROSS!). Although some irritation and itchiness after waxing, especially for first timers, can be normal, it is important that to see someone who is well educated, sanitary, and trustworty. Maria is that person for me, and probably half of DC.

I’m not saying that waxing is absolutely painless, but the wax she uses is pretty easy on the skin. It probably also helps that Maria makes you feel so comfortable by reeling you into conversation that you forget you are even getting a wax. Well, kind of.

Always make sure when you are getting waxed that it is from a licensed esthetician or a licensed cosmetologist. You might think the price is right, but let me tell ya, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is not something you guys want to skimp on. I’ve seen lady-bits waxers use the same stick over and over. Maria’s is super sanitary and her prices are fair.

Best Waxing Center DC LLC is extremely well-known for its superior service for body hair removal and very popular in bikini/brazilian waxing services. She’s so good in fact that almost all of her clients are solely from word of mouth and referrals. Pretty impressive, I know. DC shut all salons down a few days after we shot this video, but she’ll be back up as soon as we’re all sprung from quarantine!

So ladies and gentlemen, yes she takes men as well, instead of going through the hassle of trying to do these waxing services yourself, leave it to the professionals, and by professionals, I mean Maria at Best Waxing Center DC LLC.