Buyer Beware

Also published on the Huffington Post The Spring Market starts at several different times. For some sellers chomping at the bit to list their home, that day is January 2. Holidays are over, it’s time to sell. For some buyers and sellers, it’s really after the Super...

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Embracing My Retro Persona, Once Coupon at a Time

Oh crap. So this is how it happens. Slowly, and without warning. I went to the grocery store with the Pirate and First Mate, a.k.a. Little Chubs. By the time I had weaved through 15 aisles, balancing cherub tomatoes and cheese puffs that they tore into – two of the...

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Fed Meeting This Week

Also published on the Huffington PostIt’s been the busiest December I’ve experienced. Typically, after Thanksgiving, the entire real estate industry packs it in for the season. Sellers are holding out to list until spring. Some buyers stick their toe back in the water...

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I just got home after a marathon day out of the house. I always feel like I miss so much when I’m not home from 8 a.m. to after 9 p.m. No offense to Cool Dad but usually when I’m out for a long time I come home to evidence of what happened in my absence: a stroller on...

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I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®, Snarky Commentator, Mama to two maniacs, Rescuer of Corgis and wife of a really laid back man.

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

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