Pass Me A Tissue Please – Part 4

Last installment of the family vacation stories.When we were teenagers, Squidward presented me with the pen and notepad, ubiquitous to all motel rooms and like a game show host said, “I want you to write the following phrase.” He then said the word “pus,” as in ooze....

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Pass Me a Tissue Please, Part 3

Another installment from the Bad Mommy 1970’s vacation files.As Squidward got older, he began to put his foot down at some of the atrocities to which we were subjected. He made his first of many stands with the restaurants where we would eat. He announced one day that...

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Happy Halloween!

The Pirate was a Pirate last year, so in an effort to come up with something new, I thought I’d have her dress up as her household nemesis – the Garden Gnome.It didn’t go well. So, we had to pull last year’s costume out of the closet, despite the fact that it’s way...

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I’ll Have a Cookie

Taking another break from my family vacation stories but I will get back to them as they’re mostly written already anyway.I often lament my woe that the Pirate is an “only child.” That’s not really a fair statement because she does have 2 half-brothers who are just...

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I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®, Snarky Commentator, Mama to two maniacs, Rescuer of Corgis and wife of a really laid back man.

I am Melissa ~ Washington DC Realtor®

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