For some reason, when we received that email about career day, I signed up.

For some reason, here we are, hours before I’m supposed to make my presentation to M’s kindergarten class and I have no idea what I’m going to do or say.

Yesterday when I picked M up from school, one of the other moms said “Oh, M was great today! I did my career day presentation and she was so talkative, she had so many questions and stories to share.”

In case you don’t see the giant sinkhole coming up, here it is.

Me: “Oh awesome! What kind of work do you do?”
Mom: “I’m a family therapist.”

Um. Awesome. I asked M on the walk home what she was saying, as I cringed. Gee, could it be that time she had a tantrum and we told her that if she didn’t like it here she could go live somewhere else, and we’d call the taxi right now. Then she actually packed a bag and came down to wait for the taxi, while Chubs, the voice of reason, despite her 3 years on this earth said, “Don’t worry, the taxi isn’t here yet.”

Chubs should get in line for next year’s career day and see if she can’t wrangle her own free therapy session out of it.

Well, wish me luck. In a few hours I’ll be telling 30 kindergartners what I do all day.