April 14, 2023

MOVING To Oakton VA Location Oakton lies to the west of Vienna, and they share a border. Oakton is also north of I-66. Oakton’s population is 36,000. You have easy access here to the Vienna Metro Station, which is the recently opened Silver Line. Maple Avenue in Vienna becomes Chain Bridge when it gets to […]

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5 Best Playgrounds in the DC Area

February 23, 2023

5 Best Playgrounds in the DC Area 1. National Cathedral School – 3500 Woodley Rd, DC The playground is open to the public when the school is not in session, which is after 6 and on weekends. The equipment here is very unique and not like anything you will find on the average playground. There […]

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Raising Kids in Washington DC – 10 Reasons You’ll Love it!

August 10, 2022

Raising Kids in Washington DC | The non-sarcastic version Ok so some people who don’t know me well or who can’t read my charming sense of humor, did not understand that when I made a list of reasons you’ll love raising kids in DC and included, “Kids become excellent rat hunters” that I was joking. Sort […]

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No Answers, Just Questions

October 11, 2020

DC Real Estate “Hey Melissa, you’re going to think this is crazy, but I had an idea…” Ooh ooh! Let me guess! You want to buy a house out in the middle of nowhere… because now that you’re working from home, and you can homeschool your kids, you can pretty much go anywhere, right? The […]

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