Raising Kids in DC

Raising Kids in DC – 10 Reasons You’ll Love Raising Kids in DC (or any city)

1. Career Opportunities.

They will have a competitive advantage on any career in the pest extermination industry. DC kids can find and dodge rats 100 times faster than any of those suburban kids.

2. They will get an Education Fit for a Farmer’s Kid from the 1700’s.

They will get an amazing education at public schools, through 5th grade. By middle school, it goes off the rails, with our local middle school having a reported 36 teachers out in a single day.

3. Immune to Attention Deficit Disorder.

Ooh something shiny? Not these kids. City kids are so used to hearing police and fire engine sirens, they have zero sense of urgency even when bomb squad shows up. They don’t even flinch.

4. Variety of Friend Choices.

Meet Eric and Rodney, our neighborhood fixtures from our Dupont Neighborhood. They are ready-made friends. They also know which ones to be friends with and which ones to steer clear of. Crazy screaming, we cross the street. We don’t stare and point or cry to mommy like those kids from the burbs.

5. No lawn to mow or swing set to assemble.

They get used to playing in alleys and playgrounds at parks, believing it to be their own backyard.

6. Find their own babysitters.

People don’t seem to mind holding your kids while you eat dinner. And your kids will have no shame in making themselves at home at another table in the restaurant.

7. They Don’t Wake You Up to Pick them Up from Parties.

If they go out drinking, they can walk home!

8. Non-stop Family Time.

You’ll use up all your vacation days for the days there’s a threat of snow, and DC closes the schools.

9. Bladder Management.

When you are in the car, you’re usually stuck in horrible traffic, or you get sidelined for a Presidential Cavalcade and kids learn that it may be hours before you arrive at your destination which was only 4 miles from your house. They either learn to hold it, or they know to go before you leave the house.

10. They can’t sneak around.

You won’t have to wonder which friend is giving them cigarettes, you’ll know exactly where they are getting them from because the owner of the store will tell you.