MD vs VA | Maryland vs Virginia Taxes EXPLAINED!

November 09, 2022

Maryland vs Virginia Taxes For the most boring topic in the world – taxes, let’s try to make this fun. Let’s do a case study. Mercina and Leia each got jobs in the DC Metro area and they are trying to decide whether to move to Maryland or Virginia. Leia’s salary is $90,000 because during […]

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Title Insurance | Understanding What is Title and What is Title Insurance?

October 27, 2022

What Is Title Insurance? Before answering “what is title insurance,” it might be best to first answer, “What is Title?” “Title” is the ownership in real property. Among other things, it means that you have the legal right to possess, occupy, peacefully enjoy, and sell your property without interference from others, subject only to restrictions […]

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Housing Market Update June 2022 | DC Real Estate Market Crashing?

June 22, 2022

Housing Market Update On April 20, 2022 I published a video that I sensed change was coming to the housing market. There was hardly a news item out there aside from the podcast I quoted with Ivy Zelman, one of the most followed, and most respected housing analysts who predicted the market crash in 2008. […]

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The Best Time to Buy a House

May 18, 2022

When Is The Best Time to Buy a House? I’m going to tell you a big secret about buying a house and it’s not about how, it’s about WHEN! Back at Thanksgiving, we were going to Rehoboth for the weekend. The kids were standing at the door yelling at me while I was on my […]

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Mid Spring 2022 Real Estate Market Update

April 20, 2022

2022 Real Estate Market Update It’s the middle of spring 2022, and 3 months since my original housing market update. Let’s do a DC Housing Market Update. There’s no inventory! House prices keep going up! Even if rates go up prices won’t go down! And even if they go down, you’ll still be paying more […]

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DC Housing Market Forecast 2022 | DC Real Estate Mama

January 20, 2022

DC Housing Market Forecast 2022 The Washington DC Housing Market is often described as recession-proof. It is true that the economy is consistently strong in the nation’s capital. Home prices have not declined significantly since the mid 1990’s. There are many factors at play that bolster home values and keep prices steadily on the rise […]

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