Chessie’s Trail and Waterpark | Lee District Park

What’s the best kind of boyfriend to have? Stay tuned!

I wasn’t planning on doing anything this fine summer day as it was a Sunday. But then the girls woke up full of energy and I had to get them out of the house, pronto. I consulted my “Mom’s Camp Idea” list and we headed to Chessie’s Water Park and Trail in Lee District Park! It’s technically in Franconia, but you may also hear people refer to it as Alexandria. Link:

When we arrived, Leia had fallen asleep. Ever since this child was a baby, the motion of the car puts her right to sleep. I woke her up in my obnoxious fashion and spared you the parking lot tantrum. She rallied pretty quickly though.

There’s a lot to do at Lee District Park as it’s also a Recreation Center. The main summer attraction is the Sprayground – a large replica of the Chesapeake Bay Harbor. There are various areas here with everything from mist to more intense water spray.

There’s a pretty large playground, picnic areas, a carousel and two pavilions that can be used for parties.

We came for Chessie’s Trail, which is a short half mile trail with wildlife figures, sitting areas and music/sound gardens. We started in the treehouse which is at the beginning of the trail, and it overlooks all the trails below. The entire trail is paved.

Once we got on to the trail, the girls had fun following the animal prints in the pavement leading to the the animal statues. One such statue, the Raccoon, was made of plastic and rock according to Mercina. I told her those are the best kind of boyfriends to have. She said, “not ahh,” but I told her she would learn one day.

We ended up at the amphitheater and then headed back to the playground/sprayground to get some well-earned ice cream! It was a super easy trail, didn’t cost anything and the kids had fun. All in all, a win-win for us.