Over the weekend, I was showing houses one morning to clients and I thought we were seeing one but we went to see five. I promised the littles I would be home quickly and we could head off to do some things I promised we would do. After all the houses and no breakfast, I was wickedly starving. I knew if I stopped home long enough to eat breakfast, they would really boil over. No, this had to be a screech up to the front of the house, kids hop in, and we take off kind of pick up.
I’m sitting in the left lane at a red light thinking about where I could grab something to eat when I spy a bagel place on the right, just after the intersection. I thought about that jerk who holds up traffic so he can cut across two lanes to get to the store he needs and I didn’t want to be that jerk. Light turns red, and I plan to just figure out a U-turn. Except…the car on my right didn’t move so fast and well…the New York Driver came right out.

I gunned it, got in front of the car, and made the right turn into the place I needed with tons of room to spare since they turned right at the intersection.

I walked up to the deli and this woman got to the door at the same time. She opened the door for me and I’m so happy I’m about to get some food in my stomach I’m like, “No you go first” and she said, “No, go ahead, it’s fine.” I said, “Okay but you can get in line first.” She said, “Oh please, don’t worry about it, go ahead.”

Well shoot that was pretty nice. I order my bagel and when I’m told to move on down the line in that soup-nazi style to pay, I realized there’s just one order taker and I held him hostage while he told me all the bagels they DID have since everything I picked was sold out. I turned around to the woman behind me and thanked her again and she said, “Oh, you’re welcome. I’m all about being nice in this world where no one else is. I’m just so tired of it.”

I felt bad for her. She sort of had a day it seemed. I got to the register and my order popped up without me telling them like you have to do at Potbelly. I said, “Can you see what the woman behind me ordered?” They confirmed, so I said I wanted to pay for that too. The cashier said, “Aww that’s so nice.” I said, “She’s sort of having a bad day so maybe this will cheer her up.”

The woman moved down to the register as I was heading into the bathroom and when I came out she came up to me and said, “That was so nice of you! I was having the worst day and I really try to be so nice to people and to top off my horrible morning, when I was driving in here someone tried to cut me off and it really put me in a worse mood.”

Uh. Oops?

Forehead slap. Bad! Very bad!

I’d like to say I wouldn’t do it again but you and I both know I would be lying.