Weekends are for working. But today I had a partial day and then planned to meet the girls and Real Estate Dad (he’s also in the business, but only develops land because he claims he could never deal with clients) at a birthday shindig. I zig zagged across DC several times before arriving at the party where I took one long luxurious swig of my Big Gulp™ and for the first time actually slowed down enough to rest my eyes on M’s sneakers. How have I not noticed her sneakers are literally hanging on to her feet by threads?

After the party we each got a kid and a car. El Chubs went home with Dad. M and I headed off to go Emergency shoe shopping. I’ve stayed out of DSW since I KonMaried® the crap out of my house. But today? I’m back, bitches. In we went, for over an hour, running up and down aisles, giggling like two girls in a giant shoe store; Out we came, one of us two hundred dollars poorer and the other cooing and talking lovingly to her new pint-sized ballerina skimmers.

“Mommy, I want to go to a restaurant and have dinner.” I told her we should call Dad and Chubs to see what they were doing and she said “No I want to spend time alone with you.”

Well damn. M has never said anything remotely close to that, so I obliged and we went on a date. We sat in a booth at Maggiano’s where one of us vowed not to eat carbs then promptly stuffed her face with Penne a la Vodka while the other farted at least a dozen times and blamed it on the following:

The waiter.

The kid at the next table.

The plant.

When we got to the car, I was once again reminded of the best thing to happen to me since the kids – Yacht Rock. Yes, Hair Nation is a staple but my guiltiest pleasure is that ridiculous Yacht Rock Station. They once replaced it with an All-Barbra-Streisand station and I was temporarily suicidal until I found they bounced it up to the 300’s. M and I continued what felt like our sober “drunk” day of painting the town red with our finale – the Family Car Band. You will wish you never had to hear me singing, but you will be a happier person for seeing her dancing.


Heading back into the trenches. Hopefully today some of my peeps find houses they love. And hopefully I’ll get a few minutes alone with Yacht Rock.