There are often posts on the Boards selling things. I’m always surprised at what people actually sell because we all know that once a kid gets his or her mitts on anything, it’s basically covered in spit, vomit, milk and anything else they got their grubby little hands on. I always like to find out what it costs for something new that a Mom is hawking on the boards because usually the price differential is hilariously small and most people would rather buy it new. But this gem today takes the cake.

Hi, I’m selling my Evenflo bumblebee Bounce and Learn Exersaucer because my one year old preferred other toys. $65 OBO.

I’m pretty sure our Exersaucer was right around $65. But this Mom is particularly helpful.

It’s in perfect condition. Fully assembled and ready to go! Pick up at 10th and L NW.

The link tells us that it’s out of stock. Aww. But wait! There’s a newer version for sale with free shipping for…$5 less. So explain to me why one would buy a used Exersaucer for $5 more? Anyone?

Ugh. Wait until I get another post from the ridiculous mom who sells her toddler’s used bottles for the same price as Amazon, and tells you all you have to do is sterilize the nipples, or when she tries to sell some fancy restaurant gift card she got for a wedding gift with a face value of $300 and she wants $275. That woman is an overflowing source of fodder.