It’s hard to even believe these posts are real.

From the Glover Park Mom’s Board:

I have a unique and somewhat urgent request : we were scheduled to have our anatomy/gender sonogram today but due to the weather our obgyn practice was closed and our gender reveal party is set for Saturday. They operate on federal govt closings so my guess is they may be closed tomorrow as well. I realize this is cutting timing close and assuming the baby cooperates, but we would hate to have to cancel the party.

Does anyone know someone who would be willing to either come to our place or we can come to theirs to do our sonogram tomorrow in case our practice is closed again?
We are of course willing to pay Extra and do whatever we need to do to compensate fairly.

I tried scheduling with a DC mobile sonogram truck but they are also closed today and tomorrow.

Any leads or ideas would be super helpful to this first time mom!


Well screw you Blizzard. You’ve wrecked a baby shower!

Oh First Time Mom. This is going to be the first of many many times you will learn that where children are involved, plans get thrown out the window.