Jolly Yolly, Fairfax VA

The girl’s tolerance levels for Mama’s Summer camp seems to be waning. Today we headed out to Fairfax to Jolly Yolly. We’ve developed a great routine. We go do something fun, we go eat – usually at Red Robin, and then we hit 7-11 for sodas on the way home. (Yes, sodas. I know I’m a bad mother because they don’t drink fresh squeezed juice and glacial spring water.)

The first thing to note about Jolly Yolly is that it’s got the same equipment that we saw at Hyperkidz in Columbia, MD a few weeks ago. But the layout here felt more organized and the staff was also super helpful and sweet. We may have hit Hyperkidz on a really busy day because it was packed and the staff wasn’t as friendly as they were here.

The areas are organized by age ranges so that your child can play in the area that’s more suited to their age and ability. We saw little babies comfortably playing in the sectioned off areas with older kids running around to the larger play structures. It didn’t feel like the little ones could get hurt either, which was good.

They say here that the age range is up to 13, but I think that your kids will not really find this fun much past 8 years old. It’s definitely for the younger kids and toddlers. Regardless, my girls had fun for about an hour before we bounced ourselves right out of there.

You and your little ones will need socks. You don’t have to buy their socks, it’s fine to bring your own. But if you arrive without socks, they do sell them for a few dollars at the desk.

We got our tickets at a slightly reduced price on Certifikid, which is a great resource for parents in many cities, so make sure you check that out.