DC's Own Marvin Gaye: Amazing Artist, Lover of Love

DC’s Own Marvin Gaye: Amazing Artist, Lover of Love

I don’t really think of DC as a particularly romantic city, but many would probably disagree with me on that. Perhaps after so many years living here, I no longer see romance through the fog of 24/7 politics. The plethora of engagement photos online in front of DC Landmarks supplies solid proof that I may be incorrect. If you are in the mood celebrate the day of love, no matter if that love is for a person or our city, here are a few ideas of fun things to check out:

  • Ice Skating at the Wharf Located at 960 Wharf St, the rink is across from the Anthem concert hall. The rink only takes credit cards so come prepared with the plastic. You can bring your own skates or rent on site.
  • Eat! The old standby. Dinner for two. Better hurry, many restaurants are already booked up. For quick access to all the restaurants at one time as opposed to going from site to site, head over to Open Table to grab a reservation.
  • Get your wax on! GET your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about Madame Tussauds here! Only open until 6, but a good excuse to just call it a day a bit early. Push Taylor Swift over for me. Thanks. 10th and F – right in the middle of a ton of other tourist-type things to do.
  • The Hirshhorn The Infinity Mirrors are long gone but there are always new exhibits coming and it looks like a winner is premiering on V-Day. I couldn’t look away from an exhibit called “I Shop Therefore I Am” but then to find out it’s about 80’s art. YAY! I’m going!
  • Check out DC’s Street Art Murals and street art make me smile. I have pretty vivid memories of riding in the car with my parents most weekends of my childhood. We would leave leafy Connecticut and head into graffiti-covered NYC. Graffiti and murals always seemed to be rampant in the “bad” neighborhoods. (I’m looking at you, the Bronx, circa 1979.) There is an infamous hairpin curve in the Bronx on the Bruckner where the pedestrian overpass had graffiti that said “Viva Puerto Rico.” It was there for decades before some jerk ordered it to be painted. You could always see in the graffiti of years ago that the artists were good. Like, really good. Now it’s become mainstream. Case in point, the murals are actually a regulated project through DC Department of Public Works.

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. Think of it as a day to celebrate your love for our city.