Best College Advisor

Best College Advisor

My kids might be nowhere near ready to leave the nest and go off to a university, but time goes by fast—and before I know it, they’ll be pulling ramen fueled all-nighters and fending off frat boys left and right.  The college admissions process is no joke (just ask Lori Loughlin), so if you need help navigating the craziness of higher education you’re not alone. Today I’m going to introduce you to the awesome Victoria Turner Turco, founder and president of Turner Educational Advising, LLC.  We’ll chat with Victoria to learn about how she guides students and parents on their college journey to make the experience as stress free as possible.

Victoria is an educational consultant—which is a fancy way of saying she helps students with all aspects of the college (and law school) application process.  To use a classic “back-in-my-day” comparison, my college experience was fairly straight forward, and that has definitely changed in 2019.  Through Turner Educational Advising, Victoria meets the student wherever they’re at—whether a freshman, senior, or college graduate heading for law school—and tailors the program to fit their needs.

Though based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Victoria’s clients include kids from around the country and even some abroad. This tech-savvy generation has no qualms about digital communication, which makes it easy to consult with students and their parents over any distance.  From selecting the right school and submitting applications to professional development coaching, Turner Educational Advising is a small but mighty company committed to changing lives. Victoria helps leverage a student’s own abilities and skills to help gain them entrance into the best schools, utilizing programs they may not have been aware of.

Victoria likens her job to The Wizard of Oz: her students are the ruby-slippered Dorothy, following the Yellow Brick Road as they’re chased by witches and flying monkeys trying to navigate to a destination.  And like Dorothy, they realize once they’ve arrived that they had the power within themselves all along.  Helping her students navigate from point A to point B—and being the conduit that helps them realize their own strength—is Victoria’s favorite part of the journey.

With the college admissions process more complicated and competitive than ever, Turner Educational Advising will be a vital part of your future if you’ve got kids heading towards higher education.  Not only will you lower the stress level for your kids, the rest of your family will appreciate having an outside party to take away some of the tension.  Victoria will use her years of experience, background as an attorney, and caring concern for all of her clients to make the college experience as smooth as possible.

Make sure to check out Victoria’s website to learn all about the services she offers, including testimonials and resources for prospective college students.  Let her give your student their own pair of ruby slippers, take some stress of your shoulders, and watch as they succeed under her knowledgeable guidance.