Glover Park DC Neighborhood

Glover Park Neighborhood Tour

Where you live is important. I don’t just mean what kind of house you live in, but location, location, location! Today, I’m going to talk about a little gem of a DC neighborhood – Glover Park. There are a lot of great reasons why Glover Park is so sought after, and we’ll talk about what the kids and dogs can do here too!

Let’s start with the important stuff: FOOD! Living in Glover Park you have a wide variety of food to choose from including Eerkin’s Uyghur Cuisine & Tea Bar, Dumplings & Beyond, and the Glover Park Hotel’s in-house Restaurant + Bar is awesome. We were just there the other night and my kids saw a bunch of their friends from school.

There’s a Safeway and a Trader Joe’s in Glover Park as well! (Don’t ask about the Whole Foods just yet…it’s still “too soon.”)

My favorite aspect of living in Glover Park would definitely be Stoddert Elementary School and the community it has created. Not only is it a great school, it’s also within walking distance so you can achieve that old fashioned walking your kids to school vibe. With the motto of “Today we learn, tomorrow we lead” this school is a role model for academic excellence.

Aside from the school, Glover Park offers a lot for kids. You can head to the Georgetown Library which has an awesome children’s section and has classes for babies and toddlers as well. Kids also love the playground at the Guy Mason Recreation Center. But the rec center isn’t just for kids. They host a range of events/classes for kids and adults. There is a ceramics studio, a co-op room which hosts the Pre-K, a pottery studio, and a woodworking shop indoors as well as baseball field, basketball court, dog park, parksite, and playground outside.

What about the dogs? Annie is a fan of both the fenced dog park at Guy Mason and the informal doggie meeting place in Whitehaven Park where she can chase her balloons. Piper and Ziggy prefer to stay at home though and wait for any crumbs to fall off the counters into their mouths.

Living in or around DC, parking is always a huge stressor. It’s not something you want to worry about every day around your home for sure, and luckily, living in Glover Park that’s never an issue. With most properties having garages are driveways, there’s not a war for parking 24/7.

This is a neighborhood that has plenty to offer and is filled with the beautiful rowhouses that have the classic front porch. I’d love to help you or someone you know find your dream home in this dream neighborhood like I did. If you need any help or information about all things Glover Park, feel free to give me a call at 202-253-9105.