Great Beach Vacation

When it’s time to get away from DC, there are definitely a lot of choices within a few hours of the beltway. Choosing the perfect spot for a family vacation can be tricky though. Is there a nice beach to relax at? A pool if the oceans too cold? Plenty of food choices for picky eaters? What about activities to do when it rains? On this episode of DC Real Estate Mama, I’ll show you one of the best vacation spots on the east coast. The amazing thing is, it’s less than 3 hours from DC!

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is a coastal town where this Real Estate Family spent our vacation. We ate lots of ice cream, played in the water, and made memories to last a lifetime. With plenty to do, rain or shine, it’s impossible for you, or your children to get bored. We played mini golf, went to the beach and pool, and every day we hit one of our favorite places – Funland!

If you just walk along the boardwalk, you may miss Funland. It is a mini amusement park behind the games and it’s filled with old fashion fun. With twenty rides there is plenty to entertain all ages. There are more classic rides such as the carousel and the swings, and newer rides to like the Superflip360 or Freefall. Although the majority of the rides are meant for the enjoyment of the younger crowd, there are six attractions geared towards all older kids and adults.

Funland also has a lot of games for children and adults. My girls figured out which games are the “Winner Every Time” and they have filled the house with their winnings. Plus a bunch of hermit crabs.

There’s definitely the pizza and chicken fingers fare that’s common at beaches, but there are a ton of nice restaurants within a couple blocks of the boardwalk that serve really great food. Chubs will tell you otherwise but she vomits at the sight or smell of seafood. Luckily with so many other food options available, the rest of us were still able to enjoy some and she was still able to enjoy a meal seafood-free!

Restaurants especially worth checking out are Lupo Italian Kitchen, Fins, Salt Air, Shorebreak Lodge, Casa di Leo, Rosenfeld’s Deli and di Febo’s, We also had to get ice cream at least once a day during our stay at the aptly named, Ice Cream Store. It’s at the end of Rehoboth Avenue at the Boardwalk, just next to Candy Kitchen. Are you really on vacation if you don’t have ice cream everyday? Let us know in the comments what your favorites are!

Aside from all of the attractions and restaurants, Rehoboth Beach is just a few minutes from Dewey and Bethany Beaches and about 45 minutes north of Ocean City. Also, you can pick up the Cape May Ferry and head up to New Jersey to check out their beach town. Don’t worry, you can take your car and your dog on the ferry, in addition to the family! With its proximity to DC it is definitely a vacation hotspot that is worth checking out. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of DC Real Estate Mama, be sure to subscribe to see where we go next!