We decided to be tourists for President’s Day. Unfortunately, everyone else decided the same thing.

After waiting an hour in a car-line. only to be told there was no parking. we looped a couple times until they finally let us in the parking lot. We’re here Georgie!

Too bad we couldn’t go inside though. Tour tickets were pushed out several hours. I guess you had to get here earlier. Or, go on a day where tickets aren’t free.

This was George's view, minus the chain link fence I assume.

This was George’s view, minus the chain link fence I assume.

It was cold so I didn’t want to take my hands out of my pockets, but I asked the girls if we could get the obligatory picture.

Chubs, not having it at all.

Chubs, not having it at all.

I laughed. I turned to Real Estate Dad and said, “Forty years ago this would be me, exactly, showing my displeasure at one of my mom’s educational trips.” Please don’t remind me of Colonial Williamsburg. I still have PTSD from all the time we spent there.

Since we couldn’t see the house, we wandered around outside to see all the out-buildings, his tomb, and the Slave Memorial. He had over 300 slaves in his time, many of whom are believed to be buried on the site. He set up about a third of them to be freed by his wife after he died. So, that happened. But the rest stayed on. Aah our Founding Forefathers, U.S. History is interesting  until you realize, well, meh.

Anyway, after the cold and the rain and the crowds, we decided to come back another day. (Read: we’ll talk about it once or twice but we’ll probably never actually come back.) Got through the gift shop $20 lighter because, “Mama can you buy me this?” and then we headed out. We weren’t the only ones who were ready to pack it in. Not sure who this poor guy is but he was pretty much over it as well.

"Over it!"

“Over it!”