Kindergarten Schoolwork Is So Much Fun

Friday, we were working through Chubs’s list of Kindergarten assignments. There was a reading exercise. First she had to listen to a book. Then she had to read her own book called “Let’s Be Friends,” and fill out a chart about what she knew, learned and wanted to know.

When she wrote on her chart that she wanted to know “nothing,” I told her to sit with me so we could read it together.

Then I could not stop laughing. The book needed some edits to make it a bit more, uh, relevant. I fixed a few things.


I still love having them home. I’m also glad they have each other. Their bickering has dwindled a bit and there’s been lots of giggling and sister-bonding. It’s not 100% bliss or anything. More like 55% good and 45% not so good, but that is a freaking WIN in this house.