Since she started school, M has really been fast-tracking the whole growing up thing. When she saw some kids had lost teeth already, she kept insisting her lower front tooth was loose. I was like, “Pssht, you’re faking.”

Well, she wasn’t. We’ve been getting daily tooth updates until today that sucker finally popped out during lunch. The school seems to have been down this road a few times because they were ridiculously prepared.  They had a small plastic tooth shaped container on a string that they place the tooth inside of and then M got to wear it around her neck like an Olympic Award.

We got a dollar for each tooth. Of course I’m referencing the late 70’s here, so I assumed there had been some inflation. I about fell off my chair though when I googled (of course) and found it was $5 or more. Whoa! Tooth Fairy is gonna need to sell some more houses to fund the rest of that mouth.

Not to be without news of her own, Chubs announced she made a new friend in school today. Real Estate Dad said, “Oh wow, what’s your new friend’s name?”


Real Estate Dad said, “That’s a funny name.”

“And I made another friend, their name is Stupid.”

Real Estate Dad realized where this was going but he was already in deeper than Taylor Swift at a red lipstick store.

“My other two friends are Poop and Butt Butt.”

This made her laugh maniacally, the kind of laugh where you hope no one is watching. Unless you’re Chubs, or one of her new friends she met today.