Living in DC

Living in DC

Are you looking for a place that has it all? A place where you can dive in history? Soar through space? See your tax dollars at work? Or not at work for that matter? Well then buckle up and take a seat because this DC real estate mama is about to take you for a ride through good ole Washington, D.C.! DC is full of magical things to do and an endless list of them too, so for the sake of time, and attention spans, we are going to focus on the top three. If you’re lucky, at the end I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Number one on this list is a no brainer: the museums! Coming to DC and not experiencing any of the museums is like ordering pizza for the family, but just eating a salad. Not only will you be missing out on the museums themselves, but you’ll be empty inside. The Smithsonian is a collection of 19 museums, gardens, and the zoo, and while they do have satellite locations, DC has enough of them to keep you and your loved ones busy for a long time. They’ve got you covered on American history, Natural history, Air and space, Asian art, African American art, the list goes on. Feeling a little overwhelmed by your options? Here’s a pointer: start at the castle on 1000 Jefferson Drive to plan out your trip.

You’re bound to get exhausted taking in all these beautiful sights, but not to fear, your tax dollars are here to save you! Most of the museums have cafes and seating areas for you to recharge. Want to know another kicker? All of this…is FREE! Well, free in the sense that you already paid for it via your taxes, but your taxes walked so you could run!

The second thing is food. DC has been drawing in foodies with our wide range of options that are all over the map. DC actually has the most Ethiopian cuisine outside of Ethiopia…We have any type of food you could be craving including Greek food. I’m not biased or anything, but you should support the Greeks…DC also has become home to those awesome food halls you always see in other big cities; Union Market has opened along with Ghostline in Glover Park!

The third must see is the Southwest Waterfront, also referred to as the Wharf. This is a mile long stretch of nightlife, restaurants, cafes, hotels, food stands, bars, and people watching. In my opinion, you need to dedicate a whole day to try everything this spot has to offer. In the winter time, Transit Pier is turned into an ice skating rink, and there’s also a water taxi! If you’re looking for some peace and quiet or to crank out a workout to work off all the DC food, then you can head over to Hains park.

OK, bonus time! There’s one thing that gives me goosebumps every time I see it… Drum roll please… it’s the archives! As someone with ancestors who struggled to make way into America, I could never take these documents our founding fathers signed for granted. Be sure to take a look at them yourself along with everything else DC has to offer. Also, do yourself a favor and subscribe to my channel to get more content on how to do DC!