I am loving the Facebook posts. My girlfriends from high school, my girlfriends from college – I am LOVING their Facebook posts.

This happens to be the current Facebook chatter with my college friends. Go Canes!

L’s Post: “At what age does the Valentine’s madness stop? It was a pain in the ass to wrap this up.” (L shows a picture of a gorgeous shoebox that she wrapped and decorated for her son’s Valentine Cards.)

vday box.jpg

One mom comments that they had a mailbox decorating party. She posted a picture of a bunch of girls sitting around a kitchen island.

God. Why the f*ck do people have to over-mom it?

God. Why the f*ck do I care so little?

L’s mom comments but it’s in Spanish. I can’t decode part of it but I’m pretty sure it says something about first world problems. L’s parents don’t play around. When we were in college, L’s dad took a scissors to all her credit cards. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that has absolutely nothing to do with this story and you’re right. But I never miss an opportunity to tell it. It’s been 25 years and I still laugh about that.

C, whose daughter is in Catholic School, comments: “I’m happy it’s also Ash Wednesday because she has to go to school in full uniform. I’m over the box, but I’m also over the dress down days and the dress red days.”

Whoa. I never thought about how much easier it would be to get out the door in the morning if M had to wear a uniform.

At this point I have to reveal that I didn’t make a mailbox.

L: “I thought you were joking about the Safeway bag.”

Me: “I really wasn’t. We don’t have anything.”

And I have a feeling that I’m going to be sorely regretting this later. But M wasn’t talking to me tonight. Another of my college friends, the Cheese, was in town for the day. She came over to our house for a few minutes before heading to the airport. M was playing on the floor when a fart snuck out. We all laughed. Then M decided she was mad that I laughed so she was pretty rude to me for the rest of the night despite my 14 apologies and attempts at assurance that everyone finds farts to be a source of comedy.

She wasn’t having it.

And now it’s approaching midnight. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just hand her the Safeway bag tomorrow and that can be her mailbox. Or I’ll go to school with Chubs for the breakfast they are hosting and just let Real Estate Dad deal with the school and mailbox thing. FFS, I bought and wrote out all the Valentines. I’m did my homework.

I never thought I would be back to counting down the days until school was over but here I am again, counting away. Can’t wait until it’s over so the “homework” will stop.