Super Awesome and Amazing

Super Awesome and Amazing

Super Awesome and Amazing is like a gym for kids inside a gym for the rest of the family.

You enter through the St. James, which is a huge fitness and lifestyle recreation center. What does that mean? Well, it’s a lot of things under one roof. There are sports fields, a gym, a pool, a restaurant, a spa, dance, gymnastics, ice skating – it’s pretty colossal.

Inside of the St. James is an indoor playground/gym facility called Super Awesome and Amazing. I’m thrilled places like this haven’t shut down due to Covid. They are such a great way to burn the energy out of these kids without me having to get up from my chair.

There’s a pretty impressive 30,000 square feet of ways to burn out the energy. My kids immediately ran for the obstacle course similar to the one at Funland in Rehoboth. They loved running through it, finding slides, coming down, running back up and doing it all again.

There are 3 ways to rock climb to the ceiling of this huge complex and an elevated obstacle ninja course. There are also some ninja courses that are not elevated 20 feet in the air, and that’s more the speed for the smaller kids. Of course there’s a trampoline too which is great, but wasn’t the huge draw for the kids that I thought it would be. These different courses kept them busy for a few hours.

What we didn’t do but they offer on weekends was the waterpark and Virtual Reality Games. Though it was so darn hot I kind of wish we were able to hit the waterpark. It’s also loud. They blast the music so it wasn’t conducive to my being able to get work done, but, I get it. It’s summer. This is Mama’s Summer Camp. No work for me today!