Best Music Classes

Come on in to the Studio in Georgetown! This neat little studio is tucked away above Vicky’s Nail Boutique. They offer classes for kids to adults in Piano, Violin, Guitar and even Voice!

I sat down with Amir and he told me all about the music classes and said they also offer arts and crafts and painting classes as well.

Then I chatted with Max who teaches piano, guitar (acoustic and electric) and voice. He says that those are the best instruments to start with because starting with something like the horn is difficult to master. He said it’s easier to branch out from piano or guitar.

Before you hop online to try to sign up for a class, you should know that you won’t be able to find them on the internet! They want you to contact them to discuss your particular needs so they can assess your level and personalize a class for you. They aren’t selling a commodity, this is personalized service!

You can email them at They are at 1616 Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown!