The Magic Putting Place

As mom’s summer camp winds down, we picked the hottest day ever and headed out to the Magic Putting Place in Manassas to play mini-golf!

When you arrive, you have a choice of two different courses. You can do the Castle course or the Windmill Course. We arrived during the day, so the daytime price (before 6:00 pm) was $5 per player. If you arrive after 6:00 it’s $6 per player. This is really inexpensive. It gets better if you want to do both courses – that’s just an additional $3.00!

We had a split decision on which course to do but ultimately ended up doing both.

Aside from the day they came roaring out of my vagina, there’s nothing that reminds me more how much I love these kids than to watch them play mini golf. It’s the combination of mania, golf balls flying all over the place, landing in ditches, being raked into a hole instead of hit with a club, and that occasional hole-in-one that I undoubtedly miss because I’m never getting video of the right thing.

You can’t beat mini-golf though for a fun, inexpensive wholesome activity with minimal exercise where you don’t win stupid carnival stuffies that choke hold your house so tight you can’t wait until the day the kids are out of the house so you can donate all the garbage prizes they picked up all summer.

We finished off at Nathan’s Dairy Bar which has some delicious ice cream. They even have a pup cup for your dog if you want to bring them along! It was a great day, girls were happy, mama was happy and we will definitely be going back to golf again.