Chevy Chase DC

What’s the difference between Chevy Chase DC and Chevy Chase in Maryland? What does that have to do with Chevy Chase the actor? I’m going to tell you!


Chevy Chase is just inside the DC line and west of Rock Creek Park. We’re also talking about Barnaby Woods today too, since it’s a small residential pocket northeast of Chevy Chase.

History of Chevy Chase

This is a streetcar suburb – which is pretty much what you would think. It’s a suburb that came about thanks to the streetcar trolley. Nevada Senator Francis Newlands began acquiring land here in the late 1800’s at the height of the Gilded Age. Post-Civil War reconstruction was in full force and the city was growing by leaps and bounds. Newlands formed the Chevy Chase Land Company which was a major homebuilder, building homes along Conn Ave from where it intersects with Florida Ave just north of Dupont Circle, to where Chevy Chase is now.

Did you know? There is usually some DC celebrity spotting in Chevy Chase!

Real Estate in Chevy Chase

There are condos along Connecticut Avenue. There are tons of Single Family Homes, many are actually Sears Catalog homes. Houses here are going to set you back in the 7 figures, with many homes here over $1Million mark and occasionally north of $2M. There is a variety of house types – colonial, tudor, craftsman, farmhouse, bungalow, contemporary, modern.

Food in Chevy Chase

Because it shares the Western Ave border with Chevy Chase, Maryland, a lot of the same restaurants and retail serve both areas.

The Connecticut Avenue strip has several great choices. There’s Parthenon just inside the DC line, which serves amazing Greek food.

Macon Bistro & Larder – well known for its southern cooking – fresh biscuits, gourmet burgers the “larder” side supplies carry out-ready pickles, cookies, and pies.

Blue 44 – American “comfort” food.

Broad Branch Market is a gourmet deli and grocery store.

Sfoglina is just a bit south of Chevy Chase on Connecticut Avenue in Van Ness. This is a Fabio Trabocchi Italian restaurant and is really highly rated.

Clydes is a local DC favorite is on Wisconsin Avenue, along with Maggianos and Cheesecake Factory. But there are some hidden gems to know about in Chevy Chase on the Maryland side, Bethesda and Silver Spring too.

What Chevy Chase doesn’t have in diverse ethnic food options can be somewhat solved by the parade of food trucks that arrive at lunch time along Wisconsin Avenue.

The Martin’s Addition area of Chevy Chase on the Maryland side has a little strip of stores and lay claim to some of the gems of Chevy Chase.

La Ferme is a French restaurant and was named “most romantic restaurant” by Bethesda Magazine in 2016. Enjoy the country farmhouse decor, a large fireplace, and live piano music. They also have a covered patio.

Brookeville Market is a small grocery store, also in Martin’s Addition.

Olympia Café has salads, wraps, and sandwiches and is also in Martin’s Addition

Parkway Deli is a New York City style deli, famed for their Matzo Ball Soup. They are in Silver Spring.
As far as grocery stores, you are not lacking for food options here. There is Safeway on Connecticut Avenue inside the DC line, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, MacGruders.

Fun in Chevy Chase

You can have all sorts of fun here. There’s Meadowbrook Local Park where you can play sports, hit the playground at Candy Cane City or get the Rock Creek Trails and go for a run. Speaking of Rock Creek Park there’s also endless opportunities for hiking, sports and picnics.

Comet on Connecticut Avenue has music and ping pong.
There’s Politics & Prose Bookstore, the Shops at Wisconsin Place though they are in a transition right now, and the library!

Is Chevy Chase Kid-Friendly?

Public schools in CC DC are highly rated and highly sought after. In addition to the fun options already mentioned, you can also hit Glen Echo Park Aquarium or have your little one try some classes or camps there. And there’s always hiking, biking and outdoor fun in Great Falls National Park on the Maryland side! Need shoes for your kiddo for the hikes? Check out Ramer’s Shoes! I interviewed them too, they are awesome people!

What About Dogs?

Well, there’s no fenced dog park here, but, since Chevy Chase is right next to Rock Creek Park, it’s easy to pick up any trails or go play in the park with your pup. And you can always pick up a bunch of other trails like Capital Crescent Trail that goes from downtown Bethesda to Georgetown!

So is Chevy Chase named after the actor? Or is the actor named after Chevy Chase the town? Sort of. His real last name is Chase, and his first name is Cornelius. His grandmother nicknamed him Chevy, after the Ballad of Chevy Chase which was written about the battle over a “chaice” in the 1300’s in England.

I hope that gave you a good idea about Chevy Chase DC. If you have any questions, let me know. I’m here to help!