Real Estate Dad and I rarely get an opportunity to travels sans kids. There are 2 reasons for this really – 1 is we actually like being with the kids (mostly.) And, 2  is that we had our kids later in life. Which means the grandparents are older as well. Which means, they cannot watch these maniacs for a weekend. Which means we begged borrowed and stole and asked Summer Nanny to do it.

Poor sucker said yes.

So we went to Cancun! Hooray! Except, it was difficult for me to enjoy this vacation. I have a really hard time going to a place that is so poor, and having all these people wait on us, knowing they aren’t paid well. I just want to know that they are okay and happy and not feel like they are working for $5 a day.

I started asking some of the waiters and other workers and it pretty much resulted in what I thought. They make $5 a day. Heartbreaking. I suppose if I was born 5 generations down the line in my family this wouldn’t affect me, but my grandparents all had lives like this, and that history is still so recent. Not sure I would go back. Someone is getting rich at that resort…on the backs of the people who work their butts off for no money.

Aside from that, I try to find the humor in whatever my current situation may be. Allow me to entertain with a photo blog of our trip!


Welcome to Mexico! This was the line for customs.

Fortunately Real Estate Dad registered us online so we got to go to the shorter line. But people were still being searched. The lady checked our documents and then we were shuffling to the line to be searched and she said, “Press this button.” Real Estate Dad pressed it, it turned green and she said, “You can go. You don’t need to be searched.”

And just like that, we passed this entire line, passed the 2nd line where we were going to be searched, and we got into Mexico!


True to form, once we arrived it started to rain.


Prior to takeoff the forecast was just cloudy. I should have known not to expect anything different. It rains for all our other vacation experiences.


Good thing the next day it was sunny.


I took my new book (all the shizz I didn’t learn in school) to the pool to read. About the United States. While laying in Mexico.


We went into downtown Cancun that night for dinner.


At La Parrilla, the waiters had Mad Skills.


It was too late when we realized we selected the wrong cab.


The last night there we went to a restaurant in the hotel. I ordered mushroom risotto. They actually served me this scoop of risotto for dinner with a straight face.

I ordered a second, with no shame.


Got to the airport with a couple hours to spare at the duty free shops.

cig 2.jpg

Cancun. They don’t want you to die smoking cigarettes. But they have one of the biggest drug problems in the world, complete with tons of crime and lots of murder. Cigarettes kill though.