Raising Kids in DC – Why You’ll Love It?

June 13, 2022

Raising Kids in DC – 10 Reasons You’ll Love Raising Kids in DC (or any city) 1. Career Opportunities. They will have a competitive advantage on any career in the pest extermination industry. DC kids can find and dodge rats 100 times faster than any of those suburban kids. 2. They will get an Education […]

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Top 3 Things To Do In Washington DC | Living in DC

February 24, 2021

Living in DC Are you looking for a place that has it all? A place where you can dive in history? Soar through space? See your tax dollars at work? Or not at work for that matter? Well then buckle up and take a seat because this DC real estate mama is about to take […]

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The History Of Washington DC ~ MLK to Present Day

September 17, 2020

History of Washington DC We’re back with our last installment of DC history with the DC Real Estate Mama. In this final part of our series, we’re going to explore the period from the late 1960’s to our modern-day—which includes riots, crime, corruption, and recovery through the decades. If you’ve never heard of Marion Barry, […]

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