Am I Smarter Than a 2nd Grader?

March 18, 2020

I don’t even know where to start. How about, I can’t believe this is happening. That’s a good place to start. As the world heads toward a universal quarantine, so many things have been swimming in my brain. Though, not one of those things told me to run out and stock up on toilet paper. […]

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DCPS (DC Public School) Lottery ~ EXPLAINED!

February 04, 2020

So. You moved here from Maryland or Virginia because you heard there’s “Free Pre-K” here.” Or you moved from somewhere else in the world and you heard there’s this thing called a “school lottery” and you have absolutely no idea what that means. I know. I didn’t understand it either. Here are the main things […]

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Living in Washington DC With Kids & Dogs: Dupont Circle

December 20, 2019

Once upon a time, in my single girl days, I lived in Dupont Circle in a one bedroom condo. Along came Prince Charming, a.k.a. Real Estate Dad, and he moved in with me, Sammy and Thora (my original two corgi mix loves of my life.) Then we had Princess Roundhead and it was sort of […]

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Living in Washington DC With Kids & Dogs: Glover Park

November 15, 2019

Where you live is important. I don’t just mean what kind of house you live in, but location, location, location! Today, I’m going to talk about a little gem of a DC neighborhood – Glover Park. There are a lot of great reasons why Glover Park is so sought after, and we’ll talk about what […]

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How Many Times Will I Say “Class Mom” In This Post?

October 07, 2019

Another weekend down for the real estate family. I volunteered to be Class Mom for both Princess Roundhead’s 2nd grade and Chubs’s Kindergarten. The good part is that I’m co-class mom for both classes with my mom-friends. That makes it much more tolerable. The bad news (for my co-class-moms) is that I’m the asshole and […]

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