Leesburg Animal Park

So what do you do when it’s 100 degrees with full DC humidity cranking? You take the girls and 3 of their friends to the Leesburg Animal Park!

The Leesburg Animal Park is about an hour from DC, west on the Dulles Tollroad. We purchased tickets online but you can also purchase them when you arrive.

When you enter, you’re greeted by a Welcome Desk with information about add-ons you can purchase. We didn’t do the pony rides that are offered, but we did opt for a $5 feed cup, which came with food for the goats and a souvenir cup to take home.

You’ll pass by an indoor playground and some party rooms which they use for hosting birthday parties. There were also summer camps visiting on the day we arrived. We looked at the animals housed indoors like the cool patchwork squirrel and I tried to pocket the delicious air conditioning before we ventured outdoors.

There’s a guide map once you exit the building and country music blaring. We checked out some ducks and the bunnies, a massive turtle and the peacocks before heading to feed the goats.

So, do you know how they say 4 out of 5 dentists agree about that gum? Well 4 out of 5 campers liked feeding the goats. This would be the point where Cristian decided I was 110% incorrect for thinking he would want to feed the goats.

Some were outside in the pasture and others were inside the gated area. Then we saw a Patagonian Cavy and went indoors to see more goats, pigs, mules (I think…I don’t know, some version of a horse.) Then we headed down to the fish. No one warned us that we needed 50 cents (in quarters) to get fish food from the machine and I had to ration my only 2 quarters worth of food among the five, well, four kids. Cristian, again not a fan.

Then we went on to Lemur Island! Guess what they had there? Sloth! No!!! LEMUR!

As we rounded the back of the park we saw Zebra and Camel. Apparently my daughter has seen bigger camel. Joke’s on her, YouTube doesn’t count.

Then we grabbed some burlap sacs and they went down the slides a few times.

The center of the Park has play equipment for the kids but it was pretty hot so we headed inside to hit the jungle gym. Access to the inside building is only allowed for those who purchase individual tickets so if you come on a group pass they don’t let you access the inside attractions.

By the end of the day they were nice and worn out!